Used Clarinets for Sale

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Clarinet Level Body Price
Yamaha Advantage 400AD ClarinetIntermediateWood$599
Buffet B12 ClarinetBeginnerPlastic$259
Selmer Signet Special ClarinetIntermediateWood $339
Normandy 4 ClarinetIntermediateWood$379
Buffet International ClarinetIntermediateWood$599
Selmer 200 ClarinetIntermediateWood$385
Yamaha 20 ClarinetBeginnerPlastic$219
Buffet B12 ClarinetBeginnerPlastic$315
Buffet E11 ClarinetIntermediateWood$599
Vito Reso-tone 3 ClarinetBeginnerPlastic$159
Yamaha 20 ClarinetBeginnerPlastic$189
Yamaha 20 ClarinetBeginnerPlastic$229
Yamaha 20 ClarinetBeginnerPlastic$269
Yamaha 20 ClarinetBeginnerPlastic$209
Yamaha 20 ClarinetBeginnerPlastic$239
Yamaha 250 ClarinetBeginnerPlastic$339
Bundy ClarinetBeginnerPlastic$149