Buffet B12 Clarinet

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Stock # 3433
Make Buffet
Model Buffet B12
Body Plastic
Level Beginner
Playing Condition Very good
Case Good
Mouthpiece Vandoren ^T45
Ligature Yes
Well-known for its professional models, Buffet also makes student level clarinets with the same comfortable feel and nice sound. All of the tenon corks, with the exception of the one on the mouthpiece, are new on this used Buffet B12, and pads and springs have been replaced as needed. The logo is present, though faded on the top joint, barrel and bell. There is plating wear, with cloudy areas and scratches on some of the keys, particularly on the lower joint. As usual with plastic clarinets, there are light scratches and blemishes in the finish, more numerous on the barrel and bell, as well as tarnishing on the end rings. The mouthpiece has scratches from the ligature and teeth impressions that have been covered with a new mouthpiece patch. This appears to be a student mouthpiece, made of a composite material. It comes in a Buffet case that has general wear and dark cork grease remains on the inside, while the outside has scuff marks, scratches and repaired back corners. Included are 3 new reeds, new swab and cork grease.