Buffet E11 Clarinet

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Stock # 3450
Make Buffet
Model Buffet E11
Body Wood
Level Intermediate
Playing Condition Very good
Case Okay
Mouthpiece Vandoren 5RV Lyre
Ligature Yes
You can't beat the sound of this used Buffet E11 clarinet, a great choice for the advancing clarinetist. All of the tenon corks, with the exception of the one on the mouthpiece, are new, and pads and springs have been replaced where needed. There are no cracks in the wood body, and just a little nick on one of the tenons. The logo is quite faded, but visible on three of the four parts. There is plating wear, with cloudy areas and a few scratches on many of the keys, as well as one gold-red colored ring. The mouthpiece, sporting a Luyben inverted ligature, is in very good playing condition, although it has a little discoloration, and numerous scratches. It comes in an attache style Buffet case that doesn't look very pretty, but holds and cushions the instrument securely. The outside has numerous scratches and scuff marks, along with dents in the top and worn spots at the edges and corners. The interior has dark cork grease remains and wear in the lining. Included are a reed guard, new swab, and cork grease.