Selmer Signet Special Clarinet

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Stock # 3389
Make Selmer
Model Selmer Signet Special
Body Wood
Level Intermediate
Playing Condition Very good
Case Okay
Mouthpiece Esprit
Ligature Yes
Free-blowing, with a great open sound, this used Selmer Signet Special clarinet is a moderately-priced intermediate level instrument. All of the tenon corks, except for the one on the mouthpiece, are new, and pads and springs have been replaced as needed. The logo is faded, but can still be seen on 3 of the 4 parts. There is overall plating wear, with a noticeable area on the side G# key, and a dull grey appearance to all of the others. There are no cracks in the wood body, and the tenons are protected by metal end caps. The plastic student mouthpiece has discoloration on the back and scratches from the ligature; however, it is in good playing condition. It comes in an older Selmer case that is serviceable, but shows its age. The interior has worn areas and many dark cork grease remains, while the exterior has scuff marks, scratches, and rusty metal parts. Included are 3 new reeds, new swab and cork grease.